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Secrets To Cheap Flights

Posted on 10 June 2011 by admin


airline ticketsMy hometown newspaper is forever making these headlines that make me absolutely go ill when I see them. “Airlines raise fees!” said one, and another shouted, “Passengers to pay more!”

It truly is enough to make me scream, but I thought that there was nothing I could do about it except maybe to use my old travel agent again, or perhaps take a lot of time “shopping” the internet each time I had to take a flight somewhere. Then I tripped over a site that made all the difference in the world as to what I pay for air travel now!

I do not mind sharing it with you, because I do not believe that the “Secrets To Cheap Flights” will be around very long, thus I hope you look into it as soon as you can!

You will learn all about the airlines and what their systems entail. And let’s face it, the more you know about how they operate, the easier it will be to actually find cheap flights every time you need to fly. The author stresses that it’s only fair, and I fully agree with him. After all they have all these tricks they use to get me to pay more, they know what my shopping habits are, they know exactly when I will need to travel, and somehow they know where I will have to go, so they jack around the prices so that I pay more.  Simple, isn’t it?

When you get this report that is written by Henry Rustkirk, here is basically what you will learn:

Sneaky Airline Pricing Tricks
Don’t you love the way that airlines sneak in all these weird fees and taxes that not everyone has to pay, but you do because you got a “good deal?” Well, you’ll know how to handle those now!

Secret Airfare Search Sequence
This enables you to use the Net to truly find the best airfare.

Airline Website Trickery
Sometimes, airlines hide the best fares under the opening web page. Find out how to circumvent this trick.

Frequent Flyer Decoder
The airlines use special language for all those Frequent Flyer programs, so that often they are simply lost in the shuffle you have to go through to utilize them, and they know it too. You will actually learn how to utilize those Frequent Flyer Miles to your advantage.

Learn Additional Money Saving Techniques

  • Airline Mistakes – how to take full advantage of those.
  • Drop Off Flying – an airline pricing scheme that can work for you.
  • Skip It Flying – truly a trick of the trade you’ll love to have.
  • Combining Sales – a way for utilizing multiple carriers that airlines detest with a passion.

Best Times To Book
Automatic fare increases do not have to happen to you, if you know this secret of when to book a flight. You will also learn all about the 12-hour window, when the lowest fares are given out.

How To Use Travel Agents
Will be extremely helpful if you can use a travel agent to book your flights.

International Pricing Loopholes
Startling ways to get the cheapest flights possible for International flights that will truly astound you, it’s so simple.

And there’s so much more too. You will even get 4 completely free travel guides that will save you even more money than getting all those cheap flights will!

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