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Posted on 16 December 2010 by admin

PianoForAll – The Fastest Way To Learn Piano and Keyboard



Science has brought us some very amazing gifts, and there are new discoveries being made by the minute, all of which save us time and help us to deal with things with so much less aggravation than our forefathers had. One of the things, we’ve always wished for was that we could play the piano, but who had the time, nor the inclination to do all those tedious exercises to only play a tiny children’s sing song. We know for sure that no one wanted to hear what we had finally “mastered?”

Here we would like to introduce PianoForAll – Recommended source to learn piano in a new way.

Play Real Music

Now science has stepped into teaching someone how to play the piano, through PianoForAll and there’s no more “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in this method at all. You learn how to sound professional right away using chords and you are playing all kinds of music, not just kiddy sing-songs either!

Popular Party Rhythms

Being able to “fake” playing using popular party rhythms will get you started without those tedious exercises and drills that piano teachers make you do hour by hour! This is actually the way that most self-taught piano artists learn, thus you take off from there, building on your newly found musical expertise. Using the “bluffs” that are in PianoForAll that come to you from this amazing method, you will learn to play any song by ear!

Really Professional Sounds

A good part of what sounds so good when a professional plays music are the various harmonies, inversions, extended chords, patterns, and riffs that they add to their music. Once you know how to play those via Piano For All, you are on your way to a truly professional sound. That’s why this method works so well!

Sight Reading Sheet Music

One of the most amazing portions of this new method to learning to play the piano, using PianoForAll, is the ease with which you will learn how to sight read sheet music. Once learned, you will instantly understand how to play any music just the way that the composer wanted to hear their music played because you will understand what you are playing.

Real Examples

You won’t be told that you can gauge your playing to “old” songs that your grandmother used to sing as she ironed, but instead, you will be playing songs that the Beatles sang, or any number of our great artists such as Lionel Ritchie, Billy Joel, and Elton John. These are recognizable rhythms that are popular in our times, and are still popular, thus you’ll become the life of the party quickly and easily.

Memory Tricks

The memory tricks alone in PianoForAll that you will learn with this amazing method are simply astonishing.

Special Bonus

Imagine receiving 10 different e-books, 500 separate audio cuts, and 200 different videos in this incredible but easy new method that will have you playing the piano in days rather than years! At last you will have this remarkable course that is fun to follow, and delivers the knowledge you’ll need to play any song on any piano or keyboard for the rest of your life. You can watch the trailer and join the PianoForAll’s THOUSANDS of students from all around the world  here.

PianoForAll guide is not scam, please feel free to write a PianoForAll review here

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