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Penny Stock Prophet

Posted on 28 December 2010 by admin

All About Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet is about James Connelly, a very young man who with applied diligence has tripped over a viable solution to making a veritable fortune in the stock market using penny stocks. He has been so successful at accomplishing this, that he has been named “The Penny Stock Prophet!” James Connelly has the weird ability to choose the “breakout” penny stocks within only a few days before than they qualified for top record gains!

How He Figured It Out!
He learned it all the hard way. He spent his time to study charts, utilize resistance calculators, analyze financial reports, and finally he had to re-learn all of the basic crucial fundamentals of trading. In essence he pored over complicated charts, analyzed trading patterns, volume and even resistance levels. Any and all other identifiable factors were utilized so that he absolutely knew when any stock would go through a bullish trading pattern.

What Is It?
Magic? – No, not exactly. James Connelly or Penny Stock Prophet, eventually found 4 very important key variables that he thought were the secret to being able to identify a breakthrough stock. Even to this day he has not seen it fit to release any of these variables to the community. Other wise, he has shared it all, expressly for the good of the community.

What Are They?
Nope you won’t get them from anyone, however he has said that a stock’s Psychological Support Level (PSL) is actually the key to the success of his very special method. It will be completely and very thoroughly explained in his newsletter. All you have to do is follow the directions, and pay strict attention to what he says.

What Else Will You learn?
There is so much to be learned from The PennyStockProphet, but probably the most important are things such as setting limit orders. With these your orders are automatically executed within your own trading account. That means that you need not even watch stock returns to do what’s going to make you so much money!  It will all be automatic!

What if You Are A Total Newbie To Stock Trading?
You have nothing to worry about even if you’ve never even thought of doing stock trading. When you sign up, you will get a quick start guide to show you how to not only set up a trading account, take care of depositing funds, but you’ll be actually trading within 24 hours! You can join a lifetime member for one-time fee and limited seat by Penny Stock Prophet here.

Many people are now wondering if they should try this method of making money? The Penny Stock Prophet is not scam. The only question that you should be asking yourself is more likely why not try this method? You will truly be so glad you did!  Please feel free to write The Penny Stock Prophet Reviews by leaving a comment below, thanks.

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