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My Shed Plans

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My Shed Plans

Posted on 10 February 2011 by admin

My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson

If you go to My Shed Plans you will see a complete shed built in less than 13 minutes by two guys who actually took 33 minutes to build a shed. The entire video is highlighted by some rather cool music playing in the background to show you this speeded up version of shed building, however you will see how easily two guys can put up a shed, and what the steps were to do so. Now imagine that video slowed down, and everything explained so carefully that you will no longer:

  • Take 6 months to build a simple shed
  • Take the wrong measurements
  • Buy the wrong materials
  • Suffer the embarrassment of being totally worn out after a simple project

As incredible as it seems My Shed Plans will bring you:

  • Hundreds of various shed designs complete with plans, as well as blueprints whether you are a hobbyist or professional.
  • Plans that are jam-packed with brand new ideas for constructing small clock housings to even an entire stable.
  • In excess of 12000 woodwork plans and design projects.
  • Shed plans that are doable as a family over a holiday / weekend.
  • Complete materials lists so that you will make out exactly what you need to buy.
  • All-inclusive “How-To” woodworking guide as well as the course.
  • Additional how-to information for home improvements as well as detailed plans complete with full instructions for woodworking projects.

The most interesting thing about My Shed Plans guide is that it truly does not matter one bit what skill levels you may already have reached. You may be a total greenhorn at building sheds, you may have never done this before, or you may have tried it before and failed miserably since you were born with two left hands!

This of course covers more than just garden sheds, you will learn how to easily construct doll houses, bird feeders, full size decks, storage houses, garden furniture, children’s toys, and actually anything made out of wood!  Imagine learning how to insulate and totally waterproof your shed. Have you ever thought of making a chicken coop, a chair swing, an outdoor fireplace, a Ferris wheel, a picnic table, an Adirondack rocking chair, playground equipment, a special doghouse, a sandbox and seesaw, or have you always wanted a wishing well? These and hundreds more interesting ideas are presented, complete with everything you will need to construct these items easily and trouble free!


In addition to the shed plans, you will receive the following MyShedPlans free bonuses:

  • Project Sets as well as plans containing 12,000 Designs
  • In-depth construction plans and guides
  • Fully functioning directions, plans, guides for such things as billiard tables, beds, bridges, windmills, the list is practically endless.

You can start getting instant access to over 12,000 shed plans and woodworking projects here.

Finally, you will also receive the most important guidelines and activities that have ever been noted or even written about woodworking which covers more than what you will need for building sheds.

My Shed Plans
Title : My Shep Plans
Author : Ryan Henderson
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

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