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MyHomeBreware by James Dean

Posted on 14 January 2011 by admin

MyHomeBreware by James Dean

I know that MyHomeBreware sounds like a site that will teach you how to make homemade beer or wine, but instead if you love your Wii, you will absolutely flip out when you hear what MyHomeBreweare is really about! It will actually unlock your Wii so that you can grasp all the wonderful features that Wii can bring you!

Unlocking your Wii will bring you:

  • The ability to play videos and music with MP4, AVI, MP3 formats, and many more.
  • Play new MyHomeBreware games and apps such as Pong!, Wii Earth, and of course the Homebrew Channel.
  • Get access to various imported games such as through USA (NTSC) and Europe (PAL) which were inaccessible to you before!
  • Classic console games will be available to you such as those from Game Guide, Sega Generis, SNES, N64 that would not play on your Wii so that you used to only play them on your PC!

Imagine all the fun you can have if your Wii can play all the games from Classic Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and from Super Nintendo too, as well as Homebrew games too!

You’ll receive all the above without having to install a complicated modchip or other silly hardware in your Wii.

There are also some other cool wild bonuses offered as well such as:

  • Wii Games Cheats Guide
  • Backup Wii Games Guide (with absolutely no Mod Chip needed!!!)
  • Wii Games Patching Guide (to back up any game!)
  • Wii DVD Converter Guide and Videos (Turn your Wii into a DVD player!)
  • Wii Unlocker Ultra Guide and Videos
  • Wii Unlocker Ultra Elite Gamers Membership (more cheats, updates, uploads, guides and mods!)

But, one of the coolest things about MyHomeBreware Wii unlocker is that it will work regardless of what version of Wii you currently have, thus it works great on:

  • V 3.4
  • V 4.1
  • V 4.2

What that means to you is that it will work on the older Wii versions as well as the brand new 2011 versions!

There is such a difference between some of these homemade videos that were made using a cell phone on the exact same subject that it surprises me immensely that any of them are still hanging on, but we are — especially for you. You will note that this product is on 720p Hi Def videos in addition to the one that shows you exactly how to perform this miracle of creating your Wii unlocking magic. These MyHomeBreware videos are crystal clear as is the information on them too!

Title : MyHomeBreware
Author : James Dean
Category : Console Guides & Repairs
Discount : Available
Video Guides
: Yes

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