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Learn Chinese Online

Posted on 19 February 2011 by admin

Learn Chinese Online with Rocket Chinese Premium

We never would have thought it possible to learn Chinese online, but did you know that it can actually be done? We took the first lesson given free online and learned a lot very quickly. For instance, we can now actually hear the differences in the four distinct tones that make up one particular sound in Chinese, well Mandarin to be exact! To say that we are pleased with this is putting it mildly, after all who knew that it could be that simple to learn Chinese online with Rocket Chinese Premium.

  • Interactive Audio Lessons – a good portion of learning how to speak Mandarin is being able to intone the different sounds that make up this fascinating language. With the Rocket Chinese language and culture lessons you will actually understand how the language works, not just memorize words!
  • Practicality of Topics – you will learn about Chinese history, sports, family, medicine, gift-giving, traditions, festivals and celebrations, socializing, nightlife, accommodations, addressing people, tipping, eating out, transport, handling their currency, and even how to sightsee throughout Beijing!
  • MegaChinese Software Games – in an effort to present language learning that is never boring, there are a number of very enjoyable Chinese games to improve your understanding as well as increase your Chinese vocabulary and also to let you hear your audio recognition of the various Chinese words. You’ll actually think that it’s all fun, when you learn Chinese online!
  • MegaVocab – actually lets you build your Chinese vocabulary easily so that you will be able to also use the Pinyin alphabet or use Chinese characters! You will find this experience totally out of the ordinary.
  • Interactive Quizzes – are even featured in this course, so that you will know by testing yourself when you have learned newly acquired Mandarin skills.

Please check out this video to learn writing the character for “woman” or “female” here.

Best yet, imagine having a totally unlimited 24/7 access to the online Rocket Chinese Learners’ Forum where an entire team of native speakers and Chinese teachers can answer all of your language questions with regard to your Chinese lessons.

You will even get the option of receiving a 20 CD pack, or use their downloadable online system straight away instead of waiting for postal delivery. Plus they also offer you a full 60-day money back guarantee, and to show you that they are perfectly honorable, you will be thrilled to hear that they belong to the Better Business Bureau!

Personally Tailor Your Course!
Imagine learning Chinese in a manner that it completely fun, bringing you the joy of learning in such a way that you will know that you are perfectly successful because you are learning it in a completely relaxed environment. This course to learn Chinese online is grand for kids, for beginners, and even for those who are seeking the free feeling of going to a Chinese speaking country and knowing that you can manage on your own! Because these lessons are fully downloadable, you can download them onto your phone or burn them on a CD to bring anywhere. This means you can play them anyplace to learn Chinese online the easy way!

learn Chinese online
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