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Jamorama Guitar Lesson Review

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Jamorama Guitar Lesson Review

Posted on 24 November 2010 by admin

Jamorama Guitar Lesson Review: Jam On the Internet with Guitar Lessons

Technology really has turned things around. You no longer have to go to tutors for anything, not even to learn a guitar. A perfect example of state of the art classes to learn guitar from the very basics is Jamorama, a great tutor at a nominal price. You would have seen a number of frivolous sites online which has anonymous testimonials with e-book products or CDs that promise to teach you something or do something for you but fail miserably at convincing you.

Guess what’s so great about Jamorama, you can take an introductory class which is an online class for people of any age to see if they would like to continue with the services of this site and learn the guitar at different levels. From the count of their present number of students of around 200,000 it is only clear that they are promising and popular.

The format of the site, the program and package are a fair deal and absolutely convince you to sign up for the introductory class. With a basic price of close to $30, you can attend six classes in a week to learn the very basics along with a downloadable PDF file available i.e. the Online Chord book and a number of email articles to read and learn from.

Jamorama Guitar Lesson is completely safe and allows you to unsubscribe anytime without any hassles you want to stop taking the classes. For guitar fanatics who want to learn it, it gives you the option to pick from an acoustic as well as an electric guitar to learn.

Basically the class is divided in to three parts, the introductory level, Beginner to advance course online and hardcopy. You can click on either one to know more as every lesson of the class is explained and in the beginner to advance section you can also listen to students having uploaded their tunes.

Jamorama offers different packages with introductory, a hardcopy book,  a guitar tuning class, beginner to advance, a combo offer for all and a payment choice with many cards selection available. Like any school, a lot of previous students have uploaded their success stories which act as testimonials. Another great thing about these classes is that they are high quality videos and not some tacky recorded amateur venture. The diagrams and explanations on the sites are elaborated and just what a student needs.

Jamorama was just a start up in 2003 from New Zealand and further on they grew to a large extent and today even have a fan following on Facebook. The course can be purchased either in hardcopy or both. Also, the online version is available in two formats NTSC and PAL.

Jamorama is no longer a small set and by no means do they just teach you on the hobby level. They are professional in their approach and with the student’s interest. Each student can learn the guitar to play by themselves professionally also.

Please visit Jamorama official site to get Free 6-Days course here.

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