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Home Made Energy

Posted on 22 January 2011 by admin

Home Made Energy

Every month when we receive my power bill, we seethe at the high cost of energy and wish that there was something we could do to either permanently remove this bill, or at least lower it substantially. Finally we discovered how!

No, we did not go out and get a $20,000 to $30,000 solar power system. That would simply make my paying one company for another, so that did not make sense to me.

Instead, here we can discover the secret on how to build an A-grade monocrystalin panel on your own way! It will have the same life expectancy as well as the same output as the kinds offered by the high retail units!

Home Made Energy – Method
Anyone can do this. People who have kids let them help them. People who flunked shop class can do it, and those who went to cooking class instead can do it too! No special tools are required, materials are easy to find, and best yet, you need no experience at all to do it yourself, you do not need to be experienced at all even in similar subjects. As amazing as it is, there are only 5 easy steps to the Home Made Energy method!

With Home Made Energy you will learn how to

  • Buy solar cells online
  • Solder those cells together with a simple soldering iron
  • Build your support and paint it
  • Wire it up with solder
  • Cover those cells with Plexiglas and silicon

All that’s needed to do then is to connect that brand new solar panel to the battery bank as well as the inverter, and voila, you are done!

What will truly amaze you is what your solar panels can be used to power:

  • Almost everything that runs on electricity
  • Mobile homes
  • Entire households
  • Small and large devices
  • Remote cabins

Free Video Presentation

Whereas most do it yourself guides on building your own solar panel system are complicated almost necessitating an engineer’s degree to read and understand, this is simple enough for the average guy! It is simply amazing how easy it is to follow and understand. It’s all in layman’s language too! There are 15 short videotapes that show you exactly what to do, and they are downright idiot proof! Please click here to watch Free Video Presentation.

Once you’ve built panels, you will be able to go off grid, which means that your electric meter will start to run backward! At this point the electric company is going to owe you money! This is why the package is called HomeMadeEnergy, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

Best yet, Home Made Energy is written by a certified electrician. You cannot get a safer, properly written guide on building solar panels

Home Made Energy
Title : Home Made Energy
Author : Anonymous
Category : Alternative Energy
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

Home Made Energy is not a scam ebook, please join us to give a Home Made Energy review here.

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