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Make eBook Covers

Posted on 06 January 2011 by admin

Make eBook Covers

Real time books, the kind found in book stores, have book jackets that are enticing enough to get you to pick up the book and thumb through it. Publishers have paid millions to those who design book jackets knowing that getting the buyer to open that book is ¾’s of making a sale. But what about eBooks? The makers of PhotoShop will tell you that you’ll need to not only use their program to make a good looking ebook cover, but that it will take you months to learn just how.

In addition the designers online will also tell you that you will need to lay out huge amounts of money to get those royalty laden images for the covers. Some designers even get a portion of that fee as their cut for finding the image! Why would you go through all that when you can learn how to Make eBook Covers on your own?

  • Thorough. Millions have been made when utter simplification of any item is broken down for you with screenshots, exact settings, and when resources are thoroughly listed with computer programs, you know they’re the ones with “Dummies” in their titles? Well, if ever you wisshed you could find a simplified way to make ebook covers, you’ve finally found it!

  • A Complete Beginner. What is truly attractive about this new program on how to make ebook covers is that it is set up for a beginner. If you are already a graphic design artist, you don’t need this tutorial at all. You are undoubtedly way past that.

  • Free software. Another important statement you need to pay attention to is that this tutorial uses a totally free graphic software package to Make eBook Covers. You do not need to purchase $400 ebook cover software packages.

  • Pictures. Photographs are what make an eBook Cover appear professional, thus you will be provided with precise information on how to come across thousands of high-quality, totally royalty free images for the covers.

  • Templates. In addition, you won’t be on your own at all having to start from scratch, for there are some great templates included that will enable you to get started straight away.

  • Special effects. If you are seeking to make, for instance, spiral bound eBook covers, you will receive all you need as part of the template file. Features like highlighting, and perspective shadow are provided, and you’ll love the 3-D effect of the shadows that are cast by the rings themselves!  Truly superb!

You can download and watch step-by-step instruction here.

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