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Dog Obedience Training

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Dog Obedience Training

Posted on 12 February 2011 by admin

Dog Obedience Training By Kingdom Of Pet

Dog Obedience Training can be as simple as can be, or it can be totally exasperating, irritating and possibly causing you to totally lose patience with your dog, and even want to take the dog back to the pound or to the one who sold the dog to you for a refund! In addition, you probably have a very unruly dog on your hands, one that creates the total desecration and destruction of your belongings, your home, and even your neighbor’s!

You will be very happy to hear though that all dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, can be taught proper manners with excellent dog obedience training so that the dog can fit seamlessly into your own busy life, as well as into the neighborhood without frightening those who pass by you and your dog on the street. Imagine if you can your dog trained in both voice and hand command to:

  • Sit, stay, heel, down and come while on a leash
  • Stay and come while off a leash
  • Have your dog give impeccable behavior as related to housebreaking, chewing and jumping

Probably more important than any training for cutesy tricks such as “shake hands” or “play dead” is the fact that you will need to instill in your dog that you are indeed the “alpha dog” in the pack. But, in order to do this, you will need to thoroughly understand the social structure of the pack, and what you need to do to establish that kind of social dominance mindset shift in your dog. All of this and so much more are being covered in this dog obedience training ebook by Daniel Stevens.

This astounding dog training ebook will:

  • Repair your poor relationship with your dog
  • Become all you need to train your dog in any language you desire
  • Work with your dog using positive and proactive methods

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to deal with your dog easily and for good encompassing the following problems.

  • Whining
  • Jumping
  • House training
  • Flatulence
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Biting
  • Barking
  • Aggression

You will also be able to stop the embarrassment of having a dog who:

  • Does not listen to you
  • Nips strangers
  • Aggressively becomes jealous of others touching you

In addition you will be able to control a dog that is:

  • Jealous
  • Compulsive
  • Lazy
  • Scared
  • Aggressive

In addition you will be learning how to handle:

  • Crate training
  • Setting boundaries for your dog
  • Submissive urination
  • Territory marking
  • Dog tricks
  • Dog marking

Besides receiving all the above, you will also receive limitless conference and leadership with complete right to use of our personal, member’s-only discussion forum that raises all types of questions and then answers them with simple easy to follow instructions. Your participation will help guide you in ways that you never thought possible in relation to dog obedience training tips. You do not need to go to dog obedience training classes or schools anymore.

Dog Obedience Training
Title : Dog Obedience Training
Author : Daniel Stevens
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