Pro Flight Simulator

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Pro Flight Simulator

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly but either could not afford to go to flight school, or your grades were not high enough to attend a school like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Pro Flight Simulator is currently the closest thing to going to actual flight school. To say that you will be amazed is to not even come close to the realism imparted by Pro Flight Simulator.


With Pro Flight Simulator, you will have a choice of many exciting aircraft, from emergency helicopters, to a 1903 Wright Flyer, to even some of the U.S. military fighter jets, you will receive virtual controls that are based on the real life cockpits of each of these aircraft. It is startling to understand that you will be exposed to over 120 different aircraft! You will be able to master and A320, a Boeing 777, and then a 747 if you so desire.


The instrumentation is exactly what you will see if you were flying a particular aircraft. That means that if in real life a particular instrument lags in real life, that’s what you will be presented with. When magnetic compasses are suddenly subject to things such as aircraft body forces, you will also see that as well. You see, at present these are all real world challenges.


Part of what makes any ProFlightSimulator feel real is the scenery that is imparted to the pilot. By offering you scenery that is based on military land cover, towns, cities, railroads, roads, rivers, lakes and oceans these will give you thoroughly realistic flights. Imagine if you will, the correct approach lighting, placement and runway markings for over 20,000 real world airports! Although the worldwide scenery is available separately, you will still enjoy flying over your own home, or buzz your local school if you like.


As we all know, each runway is different, and many of them will have specific conditions that make it easier or more difficult to land. For instance different runways have different runway markings, as well as placement and approach lighting. Also, some runways slope in real life. And at the end of the runway, the larger airports sport green center line lights so that they direct you to the correct area easily, but you need to know how to read them to arrive at the correct gate!

Cockpit Views

It is important that any Pro Flight Simulator show you the proper cockpit views if you are to learn how to fly different aircraft properly, thus infinite care has been taken that your views are exactly as they would be in real life. After all you are going to be the one that raises or lowers the wheels as well as releasing or putting on the brakes to the aircraft. Eventually, you will learn how to take off and land on an aircraft carrier such as the Eisenhower or the Nimitz!

When you are ready you may even wish to take part in expert pilot trials such as air-to-air refueling, crashes, emergency situations, and even combat flights with people around the world! This exciting parcel has never been offered before, and truthfully it’s an awesome package!

pro flight simulator
Title : Pro Flight Simulator
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