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Learn PhotoShop Now

learn photoshop now

Are you aware what a fantastic program the software called PhotoShop can do for you? Imagine taking a picture of your daughter who you feel is absolutely gorgeous if only it were not for that piercing in her lower lip? What about that fascinating picture of your dog you took as it interacted with your new grandson, such a shame that your grandson had those “devil” red eyes?

With Learn PhotoShop Now you’ll quickly and easily learn how to rid yourself of these items that otherwise ruin a fantastic picture! As you learn PhotoShop Now, you will also learn how to use the following features:

  • Rubber Stamp Effect: The stamp effect when affixed to a photo will lend authority and authentication to your photos, all with one quick easy step.
  • Matted Frame: There are times when a photo just calls for a matted frame around it. With this feature you can try it to see if that’s what’s needed for your photo.
  • Easter Eggs: A computer term that allows you to find hidden features in a program. PhotoShop definitely has a wild Easter Egg, wait until you see it! Learn PhotoShop Now will show it to you.
  • Red Eye Removal: Probably one of the most irritating portions of taking photos, is that nasty red eye that shows up when you least expect it. You will learn simple directions to take the red out.
  • Picture Cutting:  There are times when you want a picture to be in a special shape, but taking real time scissors to a picture simply ruins it. Do it like the pros do it with PhotoShop.
  • Truly Difficult: One of the most difficult tricks in handling photos is turning regular plaid to tartan plaid. With Learn PhotoShop Now, you’ll be given the trick how to make this change totally seamless and professionally!
  • Road Signs: Not everyone is interested in making road signs; however learning how will familiarize you with layer effects, fills, other layers and of course different shapes with LearnPhotoShopNow.
  • Photomerge: Great for panoramas, but so much more. It’s also great for collages or making before and after pictures.
  • Reflection Effects For Text: Working with blur filters, text layer styles, layer masks, pattern fills and gradients is what this is all about.
  • Portrait Touchups: Learn all about how to touch up portraits for smoothing skin totally imperceptively, or even getting rid of unsightly blemishes or freckles as taught in how to learn PhotoShop online.

You can click here to learn all this and much more when you view the two hours of instantly viewable tutorials that will be provided for you. You will be amazed how this step-by-step tutorial provides you shortcut secrets of Adobe PhotoShop that you can use for your own professional looking photos.

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