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Laptop Repair Videos by Podnutz

Have you ever thought you’d like to learn how to repair laptops? Of course you have, since with all the new advances in laptops, seems that everyone owns one today, and a repair person dealing specifically with a laptop gets paid very highly and is in extreme demand. With these laptop repair videos, you will see step by step descriptions on how to repair them including:

  • Taking A Laptop Apart
  • Replacing a Motherboard
  • Replacing an LCD Screen
  • Fixing a Laptop That Keeps Shutting Down
  • Fixing DC Power Jacks
  • Understanding The Difference Between a Bad Inverter Board and a Bad Screen
  • Replacing Hinges
  • Where To Buy Parts
  • Soldering
  • Fixing AC Adapters
  • Fixing a Laptop With Liquid Spilled Into It
  • Taming Laptop Overheating
  • Replacing Wireless Cards, Hard Drives, Processors, RAM, CD/DVD Drives
  • Dealing With a Damaged Power Jack Connection.

In addition you’ll learn all about the tools required, what you need to know about batteries, how to deal with power problems, fixing keys that have stopped working, ribbon repairs, hard drive tests, replacing cracked screens, booting up problems, how to replace a keyboard, as well as how to deal with various touch pad buttons.

The material you will get with Laptop Repair Videos is entirely edited and in FULL HD! These are not your cheaply made videos where you will squint and practically turn your screen upside down to make sense out of them. These are totally high quality videos and not the inexperienced YouTube videos that kids make.

The troubleshooting tips alone that you get out of these laptop repair videos will enable you to perform all the tests necessary to get you to performing the right repairs immediately. There is nothing worse than watching a laptop repair person try a myriad of different things to eventually shrug their shoulders in a pure show of being totally perplexed!

If it ever crossed your mind that you wished one could learn how to perform laptop repairs from videos, but could not find them, at last these are available to you. These videos have evidently been made by a professional who not only knows what he’s talking about, but has been coached to deliver easy to understand descriptions of each and every step required in these laptop repair videos. Once you look at these videos, you will have the confidence to repair your very own laptop or you may even branch out to repair other laptops for fun and yep, maybe for profit! You can choose and download all Video Guides or DVD here.

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