Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

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Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

There is a jump-training manual that is very exciting because it actually works. It’s called Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller, however it has a very serious flaw in it, it’s not magic! It’s going to require you to do a lot of consideration, intense focus, a tremendous amount of discipline, and finally a heap of very hard work. The catch? It works! You will be able to increase your vertical jumps by at least 10” using this amazing manual!

What specifically is the Jump Manual?

  • Software that is compatible with Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • Thorough workout chart
  • Comprehensive training video library
  • Exact nutrition plan
  • One-on-one email training
  • Weight room alternatives
  • NBA coach interviews
  • Training forum
  • Form enhancements

Let’s face it, all the other things that you can do will scarcely make you any quicker, much less making you jump higher. You can try all the gimmicks, plyos, Strength shoes, or Air Alert and never get the kinds of results that you get with the Jump Manual! When you are doing training and exercises you will actually have exact video examples showing you how to do them. The reason they are there is because so many athletes work harder and harder, expending a huge about of time, expense and energy, but they are actually doing them wrong which will in fact weaken their jumps! There are so many aspects that this manual covers, such as:

  • Targeted improvements on form
  • Aspects of correct diet
  • Correct training methods
  • Plyometrics explained
  • Proper resistance training
  • Evolving muscles groups for gains in vertical jumps
  • Advanced flexibility techniques
  • Understanding muscle elasticity
  • Providing leverage

In addition to all the above, when you purchase this manual you will also receive an unheard of unlimited one-on-one email coaching that will last for 30 days.  When and if it is deemed necessary by your coach, you will even receive phone support at no additional charge. Imagine having a success guarantee with a trainer who has reached a 44-inch vertical as well as training athletes to increase their own vertical to over 20 inches? Why wonder if you are following the program correctly? Simple enough, just to ensure that your questions will be answered, and that this program is actually being tailored for your particular needs this personal training is especially offered. You can read all testimonials for The Jump Manual here.

JumpManual is different for a plethora of reasons, but most importantly it is different because it covers:

  • The stretch shortening cycle
  • Capitalizing on explosion potential
  • The often-neglected recovery phase
  • Training all the muscles involved in a vertical jump
  • Tweaking jumping form

Special Bonus

1. Free Pro Membership with Purchase of The Jump Manual
2. Interview with NBA Shooting Coach – Dave Hopla and Peak Performance Psychologist – Dr. Patrick Cohn

Jump Manua
Title : Jump Manual
Author : Jacob Hiller
Category : Strength Training
Discount : Yes
Video : Available

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