How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally

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How To Stop Premature EjaculationHow To Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally

How To Stop Premature EjaculationSo many men have problems with this particular dilemma, that it’s time to face the quandary and give guidelines on how to stop premature ejaculation naturally. Here are a number of tips to follow:

1. Remove Anxiety. It is important to realize that premature ejaculation often has to deal with anxiety. Thus removing anxiety is a very important step to stop premature ejaculation. One may do this by imagery exercises, hypnosis or various kinds of meditation. Imagery is often the best, because just as an athlete envisions himself as being the best, seeing yourself as the best lover who is in total control may well work for you too.

2. Strengthen The Pelvic Region. Kegel exercises are important to tighten up your pelvic region, allowing you to have better control over all of your muscles, but especially the ones that are utilized in the sexual act. If you’ve never done them, be aware that you can even do them while driving or riding on a bus, and no one will ever know you’re doing them, but they do bring spectacular results.

3. Finding The Point Of No Return. Knowing when your exact point of no return has been reached when ejaculation is totally inevitable is of supreme importance, thus you will need to locate this period by yourself, taking yourself to the height of self-pleasure, then stopping. Wait for the excitement to subside, then do this over and over again. Unfortunately, you may find this exercise a bit exasperating, but the rewards are very exciting when you stop premature ejaculation by following this exercise tip.

4. Change Your Ingrained Habits. Masturbation, and thus sexual pleasure, is often equal to a furtive chance to “jack off” in the bathroom, under bedroom covers, or anyplace where one might be alone. However, being totally alone is not something that comes easily, thus masturbation is practiced quickly and hurriedly before we are caught!  This becomes ingrained in our brain as the way to do “it” and then we are expected to make sex last?  Work at changing those ingrained habits, taking in sexual pleasure by yourself first performing it slowly as well as deliciously. Later you can apply what you’ve learned to having sex with your partner.

5. Remember To Breathe. As amazing as it sounds, many men hold their breath when having sex, besides using the missionary position, which makes their entire body as uptight as can be. To stop premature ejaculation, breathe normally during sex, stretch out your breaths, and relax. Change the position you have sex in so that your entire body is more relaxed perhaps by having a partner take the upper position, or spooning or real entry positions. At some point you will realize that different positions enable you to stop premature ejaculation, and thus will become your favorite positions as well as your partner’s.

6. Download Premature Ejaculation Solution such as Ejaculation Trainer that will show how you can last up to 30 minutes permanently with no pills or cream or Ejaculation By Command will guide you specific tricks and steps to end your premature ejaculation problem and make you feel as a real man. So you will be confidence to have sex life with your partner.

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