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Do you believe that the future is green? We certainly do, and we’ve looked into what it would take to utilize the sun and the wind for energy, and truthfully it was so very expensive that we were totally blown away!

Then we heard about Earth4Energy, and I now understand what has to be done, and how to go about it. You see, if you were to go to a professional company to have them construct solar energy panels on your home for heating your swimming pool, for instance, it would cost you in the environ of approximately $2,000! What Earth4Energy offers you is a complete energy guide as well as video so that you can construct your own. Even if you think that you were born without any ability at all, you can do this, they even proved it!

Anybody can make these, men or women for about $200! Handy or not! You see, they will present you with tons of pictures, videos as well as full diagrams to look at and follow in a step-by-step process. However, if you do need help, you simply need to email Earth4Energy, and they will be more than happy to help you out!

Interestingly enough some of those do it yourself solar energy panel guides are not correct, and you are doomed from the start! This guide, however, has been thoroughly tested and someone of any age can build these solar panels. There are currently citizens from all countries of the world who are now constructing their own solar panels thereby being able to save thousands off retail cost!

There are 5 totally separate parts and 1 bonus to this guide:

1. Introduction To Solar Energy

It contains highly important descriptions of how this works, and what you will need component wise.

2. Building Your Solar Panel

It contains easy to follow step by step directions to make your own panel casing as well as the wiring you’ll need to do.

3. Four  Separate Resources For You To Use By Earth 4 Energy:

  • The solar calculator – What size grid you need to construct as well as what size battery bank you need
  • How to install and mount your panels
  • Government solar tax credits and rebates
  • Electric wiring plans

4. Full Outlining Each Step

5. How To Make A Wind Turbine

Bonus Video

It contains Full (7) different videos about solar power each running over 2 hours. Please check out here.

You’ll finally be able to do your part for the environment by constructing these amazing solar power grid panels. And if you get good enough, which you will, you will be able to construct them for resale because when you obtain the Earth4Energy kit you will in addition own your rights to build as well as resell the finished solar panels without owing them anything. You will be able to keep all profits!

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Earth 4 Energy

Earth4Energy is not about scam, please feel free to write a Earth4Energy review here.

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