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My Shed Plans

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My Shed Plans

Posted on 10 February 2011 by admin

My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson

If you go to My Shed Plans you will see a complete shed built in less than 13 minutes by two guys who actually took 33 minutes to build a shed. The entire video is highlighted by some rather cool music playing in the background to show you this speeded up version of shed building, however you will see how easily two guys can put up a shed, and what the steps were to do so. Now imagine that video slowed down, and everything explained so carefully that you will no longer:

  • Take 6 months to build a simple shed
  • Take the wrong measurements
  • Buy the wrong materials
  • Suffer the embarrassment of being totally worn out after a simple project

As incredible as it seems My Shed Plans will bring you:

  • Hundreds of various shed designs complete with plans, as well as blueprints whether you are a hobbyist or professional.
  • Plans that are jam-packed with brand new ideas for constructing small clock housings to even an entire stable.
  • In excess of 12000 woodwork plans and design projects.
  • Shed plans that are doable as a family over a holiday / weekend.
  • Complete materials lists so that you will make out exactly what you need to buy.
  • All-inclusive “How-To” woodworking guide as well as the course.
  • Additional how-to information for home improvements as well as detailed plans complete with full instructions for woodworking projects.

The most interesting thing about My Shed Plans guide is that it truly does not matter one bit what skill levels you may already have reached. You may be a total greenhorn at building sheds, you may have never done this before, or you may have tried it before and failed miserably since you were born with two left hands!

This of course covers more than just garden sheds, you will learn how to easily construct doll houses, bird feeders, full size decks, storage houses, garden furniture, children’s toys, and actually anything made out of wood!  Imagine learning how to insulate and totally waterproof your shed. Have you ever thought of making a chicken coop, a chair swing, an outdoor fireplace, a Ferris wheel, a picnic table, an Adirondack rocking chair, playground equipment, a special doghouse, a sandbox and seesaw, or have you always wanted a wishing well? These and hundreds more interesting ideas are presented, complete with everything you will need to construct these items easily and trouble free!


In addition to the shed plans, you will receive the following MyShedPlans free bonuses:

  • Project Sets as well as plans containing 12,000 Designs
  • In-depth construction plans and guides
  • Fully functioning directions, plans, guides for such things as billiard tables, beds, bridges, windmills, the list is practically endless.

You can start getting instant access to over 12,000 shed plans and woodworking projects here.

Finally, you will also receive the most important guidelines and activities that have ever been noted or even written about woodworking which covers more than what you will need for building sheds.

My Shed Plans
Title : My Shep Plans
Author : Ryan Henderson
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

Please feel free to write a MyShedPlans review here

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Recondition Battery

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Recondition Battery By Craig Orell

Posted on 24 January 2011 by admin

Recondition Battery By Craig Orell

What do you do with your dead batteries? Throw them away, right? There are even cities that charge you to dispose of used dead batteries as you probably are aware of. What if you were told that it is amazingly easy to recondition a battery? Recondition Battery ebook is a do it yourself guide to battery reconditioning.

Let’s face it, globalization has made our world much smaller, and we now see how the lives of people, as well as the plants and the animals and all manner of ecosystems in all places are intimately synced up with one another. Thus reconditioning batteries will do a lot for the greening of our world. After all batteries, when disposed of, leach into our ground and pollute it on a grand scale. Now it is time to have Recondition Battery guide.

Did you know that all manner of batteries could be reconditioned? This includes:

  • Car battery (lead acid)
  • Laptop battery (Li-Ion)
  • Rechargeable battery (Ni-Cd)
  • Long life battery (Ni-MH)

What about testing? Don’t all batteries have to be tested prior to recharging?  Of course, and that’s exactly why Recondition Battery guide will cover:

  • Multimeters, and how to use them properly
  • Battery testers, and how to use them properly

Car batteries, on the other hand, are an animal unto itself. Thus you will receive special instructions from ReconditionBattery on reconditioning car batteries, including:

  • What they look like inside
  • Which equipment and supplies are needed
  • Special testing techniques
  • Using equalizing charge for reconditioning
  • Using chemical addition for reconditioning
  • What desulfation is and what equipment you’ll need to do it
  • Assorted tricks and tips to recondition them with ease
  • Electrolyte stratification and what’s needed to do it

There are a myriad of reasons to purchase the Recondition Battery guide, among them are:

  • It Works – The guide has been tested by thousands worldwide.
  • Simple To Follow – Full explanations are used so anyone can use it
  • Saves Money – No more throwing away batteries, and you can resell them
  • Truly Green – This allow you to do your part for your environment
  • Amusing – Enjoyable projects for the do it yourselfer
  • Make Money – This is why you’ll get a Battery Business report
  • 100% Guarantee – Simply email to get your money back.

ReconditionBatterySpecial Bonus Report – Get It Today

It is all about the Battery Business and discusses how to profit from reconditioning batteries. You will know how to make money by reconditioning batteries. The report will guide you how to earn 6 figure income just by reconditioning batteries. You can get it today here.

Imagine being able to buy “dead” batteries from various automobile mechanics, use Recondition Battery guide to recondition them, and sell them at a hefty profit!

Recondition Battery
Title : Recondition Battery
Author : Craig Orell
Category : Alternative Energy
Discount : Available
Video : NO

Recondition Battery by Craig Orell is not scam, please feel free to write Recondition Battery review here.

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Magnets 4 Energy

Posted on 23 January 2011 by admin

Magnets 4 Energy – Magnetic Generator Guide

Magnets 4 Energy is a brand new technology using Energy By Motion EMB that will enable you to power your complete home for free, as well as get a recurrent credit from the electric company. If you wish to save the planet, and go green with energy, then this should be of the utmost importance to you.

As you read this, pollution is actually smothering us in all of our metropolis cities. Countless of our precious animals have become extinct never to be seen again, many of them starving to death due to food shortages as well as contamination. The Poles are melting away with global warming, and we are suffering through many weather related calamities throughout the world because of pollution, doling out many record-breaking temperatures everywhere.

Magnets 4 Energy, a registered trademark, presents you with a very easy-to-use, do it yourself kit. It will create strong enough renewable energy that you can power your entire home for free!  How does it work? It uses magnetic force contained in magnets to produce continuous motion, or energy. Just imagine, this is reusable energy for you to heat or cool your house, including lights, and home appliances.

Think you are a technical dodo? It does not matter; this is a step-by-step process anyone can follow. Magnets 4 Energy will give you:

  • Savings of thousands of dollars
  • Earnings of credits from your own power company
  • Step by step instruction using simple components that cost less than $100
  • Working electricity during blackouts
  • Money to spend on important things
  • Safe and very long lasting way to alternatively energize your house
  • A secret source of concealed electricity
  • The chance to save the environment

Proof that Magnets4Energy works just as said is that this is currently in use by 160 countries, which represents over 236,000 people! These are startling numbers!

In addition, you will also receive the following free bonuses:

  • Run your car on water – A do it yourself guide enabling you to utilize the electricity produced in your battery to run the car on hydrogen.
  • Phone4Energy – Free electricity from your phone line!
  • The Renewable Energy Handbook – How to make solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Living Green – Daily reduction of your carbon footprint to save the environment.
  • Gas Saving Devices – Air injection products, magnetic devices, and oil and gas additives.
  • Fuel Efficient Vehicles – Hybrids, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters, as well as bio-diesel power, and even fuel-efficient gas powered cars.


After you finish the payment, you can claim all your bonuses.

Title : Magnets 4 Energy
Author : Anonymous
Category : Alternative Energy
Discount : Available
Video : Yes
Magnets 4 Energy

Magnets 4 Energy is not about scam, please feel free to write Magnets 4 Energy review by leaving comments below.

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Home Made Energy

Posted on 22 January 2011 by admin

Home Made Energy

Every month when we receive my power bill, we seethe at the high cost of energy and wish that there was something we could do to either permanently remove this bill, or at least lower it substantially. Finally we discovered how!

No, we did not go out and get a $20,000 to $30,000 solar power system. That would simply make my paying one company for another, so that did not make sense to me.

Instead, here we can discover the secret on how to build an A-grade monocrystalin panel on your own way! It will have the same life expectancy as well as the same output as the kinds offered by the high retail units!

Home Made Energy – Method
Anyone can do this. People who have kids let them help them. People who flunked shop class can do it, and those who went to cooking class instead can do it too! No special tools are required, materials are easy to find, and best yet, you need no experience at all to do it yourself, you do not need to be experienced at all even in similar subjects. As amazing as it is, there are only 5 easy steps to the Home Made Energy method!

With Home Made Energy you will learn how to

  • Buy solar cells online
  • Solder those cells together with a simple soldering iron
  • Build your support and paint it
  • Wire it up with solder
  • Cover those cells with Plexiglas and silicon

All that’s needed to do then is to connect that brand new solar panel to the battery bank as well as the inverter, and voila, you are done!

What will truly amaze you is what your solar panels can be used to power:

  • Almost everything that runs on electricity
  • Mobile homes
  • Entire households
  • Small and large devices
  • Remote cabins

Free Video Presentation

Whereas most do it yourself guides on building your own solar panel system are complicated almost necessitating an engineer’s degree to read and understand, this is simple enough for the average guy! It is simply amazing how easy it is to follow and understand. It’s all in layman’s language too! There are 15 short videotapes that show you exactly what to do, and they are downright idiot proof! Please click here to watch Free Video Presentation.

Once you’ve built panels, you will be able to go off grid, which means that your electric meter will start to run backward! At this point the electric company is going to owe you money! This is why the package is called HomeMadeEnergy, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

Best yet, Home Made Energy is written by a certified electrician. You cannot get a safer, properly written guide on building solar panels

Home Made Energy
Title : Home Made Energy
Author : Anonymous
Category : Alternative Energy
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

Home Made Energy is not a scam ebook, please join us to give a Home Made Energy review here.

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Posted on 21 January 2011 by admin


Everyone today talks about being “green” meaning that there is a way to stop wasting the world’s great resources, but there is so much more that you can do other than using the compact fluorescent light bulbs, recycle everything you can, buying hybrid automobiles and using “green” products for cleaning. Now you can actually build your very own solar panels in order to utilize the sun’s powers to generate your own electricity. You will learn all about it with GreenDIYenergy!

Energizing your entire house will cost you approximately $27,000 to $35,000 on average using professional companies, but you can learn how to construct your own panels for a tiny fraction of this cost! As amazing as it seems at this time, with the assistance of this comprehensive “DIY Solar Panel” guide joining the wondrous groups of Do-It-Yourselfers who know how to inexpensively and very reasonably generate their own solar power, you can do it!

GreenDIYenergy no only gives you a step-by-step guide to building your own solar panels to generate your own electricity, but you will learn all about the following in the guide called “Solar Panel Systems.” Inside will be:

  • The process of creating solar energy
  • Finding “free” solar panels
  • Maintaining your solar panel system

Next, GreenDIYenergy also has the amazing “$98 Solar Panel” Guide. This contains:

  • Detailed solar plans
  • Step-by-step photos
  • Connecting solar cells

You will also receive the complete do it yourself guide which outlines:

  • How to pull city permits
  • Basics of installation
  • Electric wiring pads
  • Storing energy in multiple batteries
  • Easy energy audit to locate large energy wasters

DIY Guide – Bonus

  • “Video Library” – “Step-By-Step Videos” over 1 hour that will guide you to build your first solar panel
  • Build Your Own Wind Turbine - You will know how build Your Own Wind Turbine

Green DIY Energy

As an extra bonus, you will in addition receive a video library that will outline the entire solar panel building process in a clear and concise manner. And as if that were not enough, they’ll even throw in “wind energy,” how to harness it, how to store it, and how to construct your own wind turbine. Please read more detail here.

You will be thoroughly amazed how you can totally bypass your electric bills though this simple Green DIY Energy solar system. This will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint easily to help your own environment. Both friends and family will be thoroughly amazed at your ingenuity and they’ll want solar panels of their very own.

If you are afraid of getting stuck with anything, you need not worry, as GreenDIYenergy offers you an amazing amount of support in addition to providing you with an all-inclusive list of resources. In addition they offer you a full 100% money back guarantee that runs a full 60 days after you order!

Title : GreenDIYenergy
Author : Anonymous
Category : Alternative Energy
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

GreenDIYenergy is not a scam guide, please feel free to write a GreenDIYEnergy review here.

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