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WoW Schools – Wow Gold Guide

Posted on 18 January 2011 by admin

WoW Schools – Wow Gold Guide

If you are a gamer in World of Warcraft, referred to as WoW, then you will know what all of these promises mean that WoW Schools can offer you. These are promises such as:

  • You will receive the secrets to making Gold!
  • This system can be used by anyone!
  • It is easy and simple to follow!
  • You can earn the gold cap with just a level 1 character!

WoW Schools will give you all of this and much more.

Just like everyone else, those who now hold a gold cap started out just as you did, hoping that they could make gold by changing professions, doing dailies, or farming, but unlike you will, they did not make enough gold and could have stayed there simply being poor. Now, chances are that those who now hold a gold cap simply did not remain in their squalor very long. They branched out, and many of them went to WoW Schools and got the course called Reaching Gold Cap!

Reaching Gold Cap through WoWSchools will actually teach you:

  • Steps for perfecting your environment in order to make more gold
  • Important steps to avoid
  • Time saving tips
  • Making instant as well as guaranteed profits on your auction house
  • Determining best time of week and day to either sell or buy some items
  • Automate hundreds of auctions along with perfect prices
  • Tips for properly priced items
  • Cross faction trading — how to, and when to
  • Capitalizing on immense game changes
  • Honing your trade chat as well as your price negotiating skills
  • Tips for receiving instant notification of price levels in auctions

In addition WoW Schools will give you Free the following guides:

  • Tom’s Power Leveling Guide – You’ve seen others using it, now find out how to do it yourself!
  • Crafting Professions – Specific instructions for tailoring, leatherworking, jewelcrafting, inscription, engineering, enchanting, blacksmithing, and of course Alchemy!
  • Gathering Professions – Gives you the best strategies, routes and maps so that you know all instructions necessary for mining, skinning, as well as herbalism.
  • Secondary Professions – First aid, cooking and fishing – these are some of the most useful skills possible to level up.

Download WoW-Schools Guides today and you’ll get all resources above absolutely free here.

100% Safe, Legal and Up To Date
Purchasing gold from a gold farmer will definitely get you banned, thus there are no illegal programs involved in this, as it is completely legal and thoroughly safe. In addition the course is kept up to date, and all through Cataclysm, you will be given free updates.

WoW Schools
Title : WoW Schools
Author : John Hunter
Category : Strategy Guides
Video : No
Discount : Available

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PS3LIGHTSFIX by Rob Sheffield

Posted on 17 January 2011 by admin

PS3LIGHTSFIX by Rob Sheffield

If you are a gamer, you should know PS3LightsFix. In case, you’ve been playing your PlayStation 3 for a while, when suddenly you get the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), the Red Light of Death, the Red Screen or any of the other incredibly irritating problems that PlayStation seems to develop! What to do?

First Reaction

Before you know PS3LightsFix, your gut reaction may simply not be the best, which is to contact Sony, the makers of PlayStation, to find out what to do. Their reaction to your problem is seemingly the best, which is to send in your PlayStation to them to be fixed. Unfortunately that is certainly not the best solution, as what will happen next is both bewildering and superbly irritating:

  • Cost – $200 paid to Sony plus postage and handling too!
  • Time – The dreaded 4-6 weeks
  • Additional cost – You will lose all the hard drive data on your PS3

As you can see, the expense is not just in dollars lost, but the fact that you will lose all of your hard drive data, which to any player is probably the worst news possible!

At last, you can instead get PS3LightsFix!

This do it yourself kit will permanently:

  • Repair your Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
  • Repair your Solid/Flashing Red Light
  • Repair your Flashing Green Light
  • Repair those annoying 3 beeps
  • Repair the Red Screen
  • Repair the Black Screen of Death
  • Repair your frozen screen (occurred during menu or gameplay)
  • Repair the Blu-ray Drive (after the freeze and Blu-ray no longer accepting)

But, what about all those annoying error codes? PS3LightsFix takes care of those too!

Part of this review is to let you know what you will get for money, and I am glad to say that you will receive:

  • 5 very simple professionally created videos
  • Highly detailed Ebook containing thorough in depth full color pictures
  • Unrestricted access to the Private Member’s Area
  • Unlimited access to the Private Member’s Forum
  • Step-By-Step Instruction Manual
  • 24/7 Customer Support consisting of one-on-one real human assistance
  • No expensive special equipment list

Final Note About PS3 Lights Fix

It is important to emphasize that you will need no computer repair experience to use the PS3LightsFix, as this is perfect for beginners. Not only is this superbly easy to accomplish, but it is also very quick to accomplish, as most people can do it under one hour and get back to playing with their unit immediately following the repair.

PS3LightsFix – Special Bonus


Author : Rob Sheffield
Category : Console Guides & Repairs
Discount : Available
Video : Yes

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Ultimate WOW Guide by Dugi

Posted on 15 January 2011 by admin

Ultimate WOW Guide by Dugi

WoW stands for World of Warcraft. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Blizzard Entertainment. The Ultimate WoW Guide, on the other hand is a way for people to play World of Warcraft, which seeks to level up a solo character from the beginning level of level 1 to level 85 much more quickly and with no waste of precious time. Today, we would like to introduce The Ultimate Wow Guide by Dugi (Dave Farrell) to you.

Because time means that players of World of Warcraft must spend money for time via credit cards and such, wasting time trying to complete quests that are not being completed in the correct order means that you will have to start over again trying to complete that same quest, killing the same creatures over and over again. The thing is that World of Warcraft is devious in that often there are quests that are not evident, thus players bypass them accidentally, which renders you having to repeat so many quests.

Ultimate WoW Guide Features

More fun
When you have a way of keeping track of what quests you have completed, which quests you need to complete, and what you need to earn, all without wasting time, you definitely will enjoy playing World of Warcraft much more. Just imagine no longer following the wrong paths, and best yet, imagine no longer denying yourself the joy of complete events!

Part Time Players
If you are a part time player, it’s often difficult to pick up World of Warcraft where you stopped last time, in fact many say that they have stayed at a particular level for months because they had forgotten where they were.  Now, the UltimateWoWGuide does this for you, thus no more getting lost! Azeroth has never been so much fun! Now, you will be able to make the most of it even if you are severely limited by real-time points in time.

As you know, the higher the level your character reaches, the more fun you will have, thus with the Ultimate WoW Guide, you can have a level 85 character much more easily, with less real money spent. Plus that particular character will have the highest and best gears as well as having millions of gold!

Timely Updates
Because things change, you will find that it is highly important to you that the Ultimate WoW Guide is always timely updated. That’s not all, the team works very diligently to provide you with very welcomed additions that will enable you to reach your level in cooking, fishing, mining and herbalism quickly so that you can make more than your share of gold!

BONUS: In-Game WoW Leveling Talent Guide!

Level 1- 85 Multiple Leveling Specs Per Class To Suit Your Style
Level 85 PVE Talent Template For Every Spec And Every Class
Level 85 PVP Talent Template For Every Spec And Every Class

Ultimate WoW Guide
Title : Ultimate WoW Guide
Author : Daven Farrell (Dugi)
Category : Games – Strategy Guide
Discount : Available
Video Guide
: Yes

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MyHomeBreware by James Dean

Posted on 14 January 2011 by admin

MyHomeBreware by James Dean

I know that MyHomeBreware sounds like a site that will teach you how to make homemade beer or wine, but instead if you love your Wii, you will absolutely flip out when you hear what MyHomeBreweare is really about! It will actually unlock your Wii so that you can grasp all the wonderful features that Wii can bring you!

Unlocking your Wii will bring you:

  • The ability to play videos and music with MP4, AVI, MP3 formats, and many more.
  • Play new MyHomeBreware games and apps such as Pong!, Wii Earth, and of course the Homebrew Channel.
  • Get access to various imported games such as through USA (NTSC) and Europe (PAL) which were inaccessible to you before!
  • Classic console games will be available to you such as those from Game Guide, Sega Generis, SNES, N64 that would not play on your Wii so that you used to only play them on your PC!

Imagine all the fun you can have if your Wii can play all the games from Classic Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and from Super Nintendo too, as well as Homebrew games too!

You’ll receive all the above without having to install a complicated modchip or other silly hardware in your Wii.

There are also some other cool wild bonuses offered as well such as:

  • Wii Games Cheats Guide
  • Backup Wii Games Guide (with absolutely no Mod Chip needed!!!)
  • Wii Games Patching Guide (to back up any game!)
  • Wii DVD Converter Guide and Videos (Turn your Wii into a DVD player!)
  • Wii Unlocker Ultra Guide and Videos
  • Wii Unlocker Ultra Elite Gamers Membership (more cheats, updates, uploads, guides and mods!)

But, one of the coolest things about MyHomeBreware Wii unlocker is that it will work regardless of what version of Wii you currently have, thus it works great on:

  • V 3.4
  • V 4.1
  • V 4.2

What that means to you is that it will work on the older Wii versions as well as the brand new 2011 versions!

There is such a difference between some of these homemade videos that were made using a cell phone on the exact same subject that it surprises me immensely that any of them are still hanging on, but we are — especially for you. You will note that this product is on 720p Hi Def videos in addition to the one that shows you exactly how to perform this miracle of creating your Wii unlocking magic. These MyHomeBreware videos are crystal clear as is the information on them too!

Title : MyHomeBreware
Author : James Dean
Category : Console Guides & Repairs
Discount : Available
Video Guides
: Yes

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Pro Flight Simulator

Posted on 13 January 2011 by admin

Pro Flight Simulator

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly but either could not afford to go to flight school, or your grades were not high enough to attend a school like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Pro Flight Simulator is currently the closest thing to going to actual flight school. To say that you will be amazed is to not even come close to the realism imparted by Pro Flight Simulator.


With Pro Flight Simulator, you will have a choice of many exciting aircraft, from emergency helicopters, to a 1903 Wright Flyer, to even some of the U.S. military fighter jets, you will receive virtual controls that are based on the real life cockpits of each of these aircraft. It is startling to understand that you will be exposed to over 120 different aircraft! You will be able to master and A320, a Boeing 777, and then a 747 if you so desire.


The instrumentation is exactly what you will see if you were flying a particular aircraft. That means that if in real life a particular instrument lags in real life, that’s what you will be presented with. When magnetic compasses are suddenly subject to things such as aircraft body forces, you will also see that as well. You see, at present these are all real world challenges.


Part of what makes any ProFlightSimulator feel real is the scenery that is imparted to the pilot. By offering you scenery that is based on military land cover, towns, cities, railroads, roads, rivers, lakes and oceans these will give you thoroughly realistic flights. Imagine if you will, the correct approach lighting, placement and runway markings for over 20,000 real world airports! Although the worldwide scenery is available separately, you will still enjoy flying over your own home, or buzz your local school if you like.


As we all know, each runway is different, and many of them will have specific conditions that make it easier or more difficult to land. For instance different runways have different runway markings, as well as placement and approach lighting. Also, some runways slope in real life. And at the end of the runway, the larger airports sport green center line lights so that they direct you to the correct area easily, but you need to know how to read them to arrive at the correct gate!

Cockpit Views

It is important that any Pro Flight Simulator show you the proper cockpit views if you are to learn how to fly different aircraft properly, thus infinite care has been taken that your views are exactly as they would be in real life. After all you are going to be the one that raises or lowers the wheels as well as releasing or putting on the brakes to the aircraft. Eventually, you will learn how to take off and land on an aircraft carrier such as the Eisenhower or the Nimitz!

When you are ready you may even wish to take part in expert pilot trials such as air-to-air refueling, crashes, emergency situations, and even combat flights with people around the world! This exciting parcel has never been offered before, and truthfully it’s an awesome package!

pro flight simulator
Title : Pro Flight Simulator
Author : Dan Freeman
Category : Games
Video : Yes
Discount : Available

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