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APP Dev Secrets

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APP Dev Secrets

Posted on 12 March 2012 by admin


If you have ever considered creating an iPhone and iPad app for everybody’s phone such as that wonderful mad birds game, but you have had absolutely no background in making this a reality, listen up. You can learn from APP Dev Secrets,  it will guide you to make this dream of yours come into reality, beginning only with the idea of the particular game you have in mind. That’s because this particular comprehensive course will do the rest for you!

Will I Become Rich Just Through Mobile Game Development?

Everyone knows that game development and game sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider for example the amount of money to be made with those advertising networks? Yes, these include such greats as iAd Network, Adfonic, inMobi, and Admob and an impressive income will be yours through ads in these networks! This too will be well covered in the course.

But I Have No Programming Skills

You will not need programming skills, nor even a team, with APP Dev Secrets, as this is one of the amazing secrets that will be shared with you. Surprisingly enough, you will not even need a technical education to understand what to do and how to do it. Repeat: You will not need to know anything about iPhone or iPad development!

Please see the member area and what’s inside for you here

Staying Ahead of Progress

One of the biggest problems with purchasing actual books on this subject is that things change so quickly that even a newly published book on the subject is out of date by the time it hits the shelves. With APP Dev Secrets, you will learn a very important secret – namely that creating the game is the easy part – anyone can do it, but the trick is learning how to sell it profitably and moving to the very top of apps store sales! In addition, this course is updated monthly as needed, thus you never have to wait for reprints to get updated information.

APP Dev Secrets Will Teach You Profitable Marketing

You see the hardest part, the comprehensive market research, will have been done for you. Through personal contact with those who have marketed their apps successfully, gathering insider information about their personal secrets, APP or iPhone Dev Secrets will be divulged to you before you suffer any losses as so many have done trying to market their apps unsuccessfully. They know where to advertise, how to gain traffic to their pages, whether to deal in paid reviews, the use of blogs, using support forums, and the agonizing decision of whether to use advertising inside the app only or not!

Newbie Friendly

All of us were newbies at one time, and the author realizes that not everyone is familiar with C++ or Xcode, which are part and parcel of iphone development. iPhone Dev Secrets is written for the newbie, so that no part of what you need to learn is left unexplained.

Additional Information

Everything you need is presented in such ways as to be fun as well as informative. It’s chock full of knowledge without making you choke on it as some courses do. The author of this course will even make Cocos 2d, iWebKit and Adobe Flash CS5 easy for you to apply! APP Dev Secrets will not omit anything you need to create the app and how to market it so that you too can be on your way to making money with mobile game development.

APP Dev Secrets
Title : APP Dev Secrtes
Author : Mike
Category : Computer & Entertainment
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Your Instant Site

Posted on 09 January 2011 by admin

Your Instant Site

Have you come up with the business that you believe will sell like crazy on the Internet? This a good chance to know Your Instant Site. You may very well have, millions have done it, why not you? There are many people out there who simply don’t know any better, yet make money hand over fist anyway, right? On the other hand there are those who spend years trying to learn how to market something on the Internet, study course after course, then they agonize over things like SEO and linkbuilding and say that someday they’ll hit the right balance between all these things and their product will begin to sell.

Instead of taking years to build a site, wouldn’t it be much smarter to have an instant site, much like the difference between instant pudding and cooked stovetop pudding? Even kids can make instant pudding, right? That’s how quickly you can set up your own site. How is this possible, you may ask?

It’s possible because with Your Instant Site you will receive:

  • Niche Choice. For many it’s difficult to choose what their niche actually is, but this does it for you, without you having to perform months of research to choose the “correct” niche you will fall into.
  • Design. Knowing how to design a site is as important as what you say, but in this case with Your Instant Site, the designs are already made for you, you just have to point and click to choose one.
  • Bringing in Visitors. Imagine social media campaigns that are instantly created for you.
  • Search Engine Techniques. Even advertising executives do not use this one enough but you’ll have it right away to utilize quickly and easily that will make those search engines find you and not your competitor. Part of Your Instant Site is inviting those very people who are desirous of your product, and not the time wasters.
  • Highest Rankings Possible. You know that rotating your paragraphs, tags, descriptions and even your titles is what makes rankings go up, but what if you were able to do it automatically? This will show you how!
  • Perfection in Blog Writing. Those who use blogs to pull readers to the sites have a lot of work cut out for them. Imagine having a loyal blog audience as well as one where they actually want to buy from you?
  • Basics. Using basics such as those in Your Instant Site and not trying to embellish yourself out of the business is a difficult lesson to learn, thus they’ve found a way to automate this for you. Remember that Google loves basics!

You can access Your Instant Site full training and join with no risk here.

Please feel free to write YourInstantSite reviews here.

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Laptop Repair Videos

Posted on 07 January 2011 by admin

Laptop Repair Videos by Podnutz

Have you ever thought you’d like to learn how to repair laptops? Of course you have, since with all the new advances in laptops, seems that everyone owns one today, and a repair person dealing specifically with a laptop gets paid very highly and is in extreme demand. With these laptop repair videos, you will see step by step descriptions on how to repair them including:

  • Taking A Laptop Apart
  • Replacing a Motherboard
  • Replacing an LCD Screen
  • Fixing a Laptop That Keeps Shutting Down
  • Fixing DC Power Jacks
  • Understanding The Difference Between a Bad Inverter Board and a Bad Screen
  • Replacing Hinges
  • Where To Buy Parts
  • Soldering
  • Fixing AC Adapters
  • Fixing a Laptop With Liquid Spilled Into It
  • Taming Laptop Overheating
  • Replacing Wireless Cards, Hard Drives, Processors, RAM, CD/DVD Drives
  • Dealing With a Damaged Power Jack Connection.

In addition you’ll learn all about the tools required, what you need to know about batteries, how to deal with power problems, fixing keys that have stopped working, ribbon repairs, hard drive tests, replacing cracked screens, booting up problems, how to replace a keyboard, as well as how to deal with various touch pad buttons.

The material you will get with Laptop Repair Videos is entirely edited and in FULL HD! These are not your cheaply made videos where you will squint and practically turn your screen upside down to make sense out of them. These are totally high quality videos and not the inexperienced YouTube videos that kids make.

The troubleshooting tips alone that you get out of these laptop repair videos will enable you to perform all the tests necessary to get you to performing the right repairs immediately. There is nothing worse than watching a laptop repair person try a myriad of different things to eventually shrug their shoulders in a pure show of being totally perplexed!

If it ever crossed your mind that you wished one could learn how to perform laptop repairs from videos, but could not find them, at last these are available to you. These videos have evidently been made by a professional who not only knows what he’s talking about, but has been coached to deliver easy to understand descriptions of each and every step required in these laptop repair videos. Once you look at these videos, you will have the confidence to repair your very own laptop or you may even branch out to repair other laptops for fun and yep, maybe for profit! You can choose and download all Video Guides or DVD here.

Please feel free to share Laptop Repair Videos by Podnutz reviews here.

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Make eBook Covers

Posted on 06 January 2011 by admin

Make eBook Covers

Real time books, the kind found in book stores, have book jackets that are enticing enough to get you to pick up the book and thumb through it. Publishers have paid millions to those who design book jackets knowing that getting the buyer to open that book is ¾’s of making a sale. But what about eBooks? The makers of PhotoShop will tell you that you’ll need to not only use their program to make a good looking ebook cover, but that it will take you months to learn just how.

In addition the designers online will also tell you that you will need to lay out huge amounts of money to get those royalty laden images for the covers. Some designers even get a portion of that fee as their cut for finding the image! Why would you go through all that when you can learn how to Make eBook Covers on your own?

  • Thorough. Millions have been made when utter simplification of any item is broken down for you with screenshots, exact settings, and when resources are thoroughly listed with computer programs, you know they’re the ones with “Dummies” in their titles? Well, if ever you wisshed you could find a simplified way to make ebook covers, you’ve finally found it!

  • A Complete Beginner. What is truly attractive about this new program on how to make ebook covers is that it is set up for a beginner. If you are already a graphic design artist, you don’t need this tutorial at all. You are undoubtedly way past that.

  • Free software. Another important statement you need to pay attention to is that this tutorial uses a totally free graphic software package to Make eBook Covers. You do not need to purchase $400 ebook cover software packages.

  • Pictures. Photographs are what make an eBook Cover appear professional, thus you will be provided with precise information on how to come across thousands of high-quality, totally royalty free images for the covers.

  • Templates. In addition, you won’t be on your own at all having to start from scratch, for there are some great templates included that will enable you to get started straight away.

  • Special effects. If you are seeking to make, for instance, spiral bound eBook covers, you will receive all you need as part of the template file. Features like highlighting, and perspective shadow are provided, and you’ll love the 3-D effect of the shadows that are cast by the rings themselves!  Truly superb!

You can download and watch step-by-step instruction here.

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Learn PhotoShop Now

Posted on 04 January 2011 by admin

Learn PhotoShop Now

learn photoshop now

Are you aware what a fantastic program the software called PhotoShop can do for you? Imagine taking a picture of your daughter who you feel is absolutely gorgeous if only it were not for that piercing in her lower lip? What about that fascinating picture of your dog you took as it interacted with your new grandson, such a shame that your grandson had those “devil” red eyes?

With Learn PhotoShop Now you’ll quickly and easily learn how to rid yourself of these items that otherwise ruin a fantastic picture! As you learn PhotoShop Now, you will also learn how to use the following features:

  • Rubber Stamp Effect: The stamp effect when affixed to a photo will lend authority and authentication to your photos, all with one quick easy step.
  • Matted Frame: There are times when a photo just calls for a matted frame around it. With this feature you can try it to see if that’s what’s needed for your photo.
  • Easter Eggs: A computer term that allows you to find hidden features in a program. PhotoShop definitely has a wild Easter Egg, wait until you see it! Learn PhotoShop Now will show it to you.
  • Red Eye Removal: Probably one of the most irritating portions of taking photos, is that nasty red eye that shows up when you least expect it. You will learn simple directions to take the red out.
  • Picture Cutting:  There are times when you want a picture to be in a special shape, but taking real time scissors to a picture simply ruins it. Do it like the pros do it with PhotoShop.
  • Truly Difficult: One of the most difficult tricks in handling photos is turning regular plaid to tartan plaid. With Learn PhotoShop Now, you’ll be given the trick how to make this change totally seamless and professionally!
  • Road Signs: Not everyone is interested in making road signs; however learning how will familiarize you with layer effects, fills, other layers and of course different shapes with LearnPhotoShopNow.
  • Photomerge: Great for panoramas, but so much more. It’s also great for collages or making before and after pictures.
  • Reflection Effects For Text: Working with blur filters, text layer styles, layer masks, pattern fills and gradients is what this is all about.
  • Portrait Touchups: Learn all about how to touch up portraits for smoothing skin totally imperceptively, or even getting rid of unsightly blemishes or freckles as taught in how to learn PhotoShop online.

You can click here to learn all this and much more when you view the two hours of instantly viewable tutorials that will be provided for you. You will be amazed how this step-by-step tutorial provides you shortcut secrets of Adobe PhotoShop that you can use for your own professional looking photos.

Please feel free to write LearnPhotoShopNow reviews by leaving a comment here.

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