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If you have ever considered creating an iPhone and iPad app for everybody’s phone such as that wonderful mad birds game, but you have had absolutely no background in making this a reality, listen up. You can learn from APP Dev Secrets,  it will guide you to make this dream of yours come into reality, beginning only with the idea of the particular game you have in mind. That’s because this particular comprehensive course will do the rest for you!

Will I Become Rich Just Through Mobile Game Development?

Everyone knows that game development and game sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider for example the amount of money to be made with those advertising networks? Yes, these include such greats as iAd Network, Adfonic, inMobi, and Admob and an impressive income will be yours through ads in these networks! This too will be well covered in the course.

But I Have No Programming Skills

You will not need programming skills, nor even a team, with APP Dev Secrets, as this is one of the amazing secrets that will be shared with you. Surprisingly enough, you will not even need a technical education to understand what to do and how to do it. Repeat: You will not need to know anything about iPhone or iPad development!

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Staying Ahead of Progress

One of the biggest problems with purchasing actual books on this subject is that things change so quickly that even a newly published book on the subject is out of date by the time it hits the shelves. With APP Dev Secrets, you will learn a very important secret – namely that creating the game is the easy part – anyone can do it, but the trick is learning how to sell it profitably and moving to the very top of apps store sales! In addition, this course is updated monthly as needed, thus you never have to wait for reprints to get updated information.

APP Dev Secrets Will Teach You Profitable Marketing

You see the hardest part, the comprehensive market research, will have been done for you. Through personal contact with those who have marketed their apps successfully, gathering insider information about their personal secrets, APP or iPhone Dev Secrets will be divulged to you before you suffer any losses as so many have done trying to market their apps unsuccessfully. They know where to advertise, how to gain traffic to their pages, whether to deal in paid reviews, the use of blogs, using support forums, and the agonizing decision of whether to use advertising inside the app only or not!

Newbie Friendly

All of us were newbies at one time, and the author realizes that not everyone is familiar with C++ or Xcode, which are part and parcel of iphone development. iPhone Dev Secrets is written for the newbie, so that no part of what you need to learn is left unexplained.

Additional Information

Everything you need is presented in such ways as to be fun as well as informative. It’s chock full of knowledge without making you choke on it as some courses do. The author of this course will even make Cocos 2d, iWebKit and Adobe Flash CS5 easy for you to apply! APP Dev Secrets will not omit anything you need to create the app and how to market it so that you too can be on your way to making money with mobile game development.

APP Dev Secrets
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